It’s too hot in Vegas

So last night, Justin and I did go out to the casino, we went to the Luxor on a search for the best slot machine ever: Texas Tea, and I found it, but there was some man playing it, I stared at him creepily from behind and as soon as he lost all his money and got up, I stole the machine and won thirty-five dollars, awesome, while Justin played Roulette. Rather Justin dominated roulette and was up by eighty, and then we called it a night, pulled down our blackout curtains and called it a night er a morning.

Almost as soon as we went to bed, we had to wake up because my BFFL Kara and her husband Bill were visiting us. They live outside of Vegas.

They came and we walked over to Excalibur for a breakfast buffet. The buffet was delicious, of course that’s coming from somebody, who loves cafeteria and airplane food, so judge that with a grain of salt.

I had an onion, pepper, tomato, and cheddar omelet, home fries, cheese blintzes, honeydew, sausage, and corned-beef hash that tasted like it came right out of a twenty-four hour Jersey diner, it was delicious. I also had a S’more lava cake, some heath bar cheesecake, and a tiny tiramisu. The best part of the buffet is that I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

After they we split up, I went with Kara, and Justin went with Bill. Kara and I explored the strip in 112 degree weather. Vegas changed a lot since I last went there in 2009. There were shopping malls and hotels that I didn’t recognize and with more rooms come lots more people.

We walked to the Bellagio and looked at their gardens, where they had a lovely under the sea exhibit, and then we went to Ceaser’s for frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity , which was too rich for both of us, and we wound up throwing them away. Then we were both sweating to death, so we hitched the monorail from Flamingo and went back to MGM, where the boys were playing Justin’s Lord of the Rings card game.

Kara and I got Starbucks and went on another search for Texas Tea, which I found and won fifteen dollars on. Love that game.

Then we went back to room where the boys were deeply engrossed in some elf quest or something. While they played that I taught Kara to play Ticket to Ride on the iPad, which is an awesome game.

It was so great to see Kara and have girl time and talk about girly things, and we’re totally planning a road trip together, and I can’t wait to see her again and I wish she lived closer.

They left around 3:30, and Justin and I went to the pool. We tried to go in the lazy river, but there were barricades of drunken morons, so we gave up. We went to the other pools and finally settled in Academy pool, where we couldn’t really swim because of the drunken idiots, but we chilled under a fountain and drank some frozen strawberry margaritas. He finished his, I barely touched mine. We stayed at the pool for about two hours.

Then we came back to the room and I fell asleep and next thing I knew it was almost twelve am, so I went right back to sleep. Guess all the hours of driving had caught up to me.

So that was Day Two in Vegas.

Not too exciting but completely awesome because I got to see my best friend ever 🙂

Off to Disney tomorrow



































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