This is a very short entry.

The third day in Klamath Falls, I woke up feeling sick. It was obviously a cold, nothing serious, just cold symptoms like a very congested nose, sneezing, sore throat, bad headache, and ear pain.

We packed our tent up, which took far shorter than when we initially set it up, but nevertheless, just packing all our stuff up and packing the car, and a useless feverish wife who felt like death, the whole process took about three hours.

We grabbed some Burger King and then stopped at Human Bean, our new favorite coffee shop, where we had delicious white creme de menthe frapachino like things, and headed towards Portland.

The ride was through evergreen forests and mountains, and at one point, we were literally at a standstill with traffic due to highway work, and didn’t move for about thirty minutes, at all. We tried to kill time by requesting songs on Ozzy’s Boneyard Sirius XM radio, which didn’t work, none of our songs were played.

The ride was so mountainous that at one time, both my ears got clogged, then ONLY one ear popped, and there was severe pain in the other ear, and it’s still clogged. I tried gum, but that just made me sick, and at one point, we pulled over at a rest stop, and I dry heaved all over the place because I felt so sick.

We actually didn’t spend a lot of time in Portland, itself, but it looked like a nifty city as we drove through it.

Then we got to our hotel, and had issues with checking in the hotel as aforementioned in my hotel review. Finally, we got to our room, I went to bed, took some cold medicine. Justin went out to get me yummy Panera soup because it felt great on my throat, and he also bought me the Portland mug so we didn’t have to search for it the next day…

Mugs Acquired
New Mexico
California Adventure
Orange County
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Lake Tahoe

Then I literally fell asleep, and I stayed asleep until our alarm went off the next morning.

We checked out, much easier than checking in, and we were on our way towards Seattle.

I don’t think we’ll be going back to Portland. It looked like an interesting city, and even though we didn’t get a chance to explore it, neither of us felt the draw to it as we felt for some of the other cities we’ve traveled through.

But at least I got my mug.

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