Radioactive… Radioactive…

Arco, ID was the first community in the world ever lit by nuclear power on July 17th, 1955. On January 3rd, 1961, the reactor melted down, caused three deaths, and became the US’ first and only fatal reactor incident.

It was also our destination before Yellowstone National Park.

The drive was really long. It was about eight or so hours from Washington to Idaho. We didn’t get to our KOA until around ten o’clock.

We got to set up our tent, with our busted fiberglass pole, wrapped in gorilla tape [which really didn’t do anything] in the dark, the only light being our headlamps.

On the bright side, we did it!!!

The KOA was very nice. We had a huge campsite that had more than enough room for our eight person tent [with room to spare], a picnic table, and a fire pit.

The campsite was very quiet, I think the only noises that were being made were by Justin and I as we set up our tent. There was also hardly any light, so, the stars looked beautiful that night.

Once we set up our tent, we ate cold naan that was left over from the previous day, and fell asleep.

We woke up early, packed all our stuff, and then it was on our merry way to Yellowstone, which was only about 5 hours away.

And that was that.

We wanted to check out Craters of the Moon, which is “a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sage brush”, but we also really wanted to get to Yellowstone National Park, so we skipped them, and just went to Yellowstone.

So overall, a boring day, but a necessary one.

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