And back to Texas

Back to Amarillo, the place, where this trip basically started. We’re coming full-circle.

However, the morning before we got to Amarillo, we met another one of my friends for coffee, at a Starbucks, that happened to be on our route home.

We met up with my friend Miranda, and had a fun morning, talking outside, over coffee, about crazy neighbors, crazy cat lady antics, school, amongst other things. I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but unfortunately it was a seven or so hour drive back to Texas.

The drive to Amarillo wasn’t particularly interesting, though I was happy to get back on the flat Texas ground, and I think my ears were too.

There was an crazy thunderstorm that lasted for hours from basically the second we got towards Amarillo to around 2 or so am, when I awoke from my sleep, to go to the bathroom, at the KOA.

It was also exciting to see the welcoming orange and white roof of Whataburger, the best burger chain ever, that only exists in Texas. It pwns In and Out burger.

It’s bittersweet to be so close to home.

I miss the kitties. I miss my own bed.

However, I did NOT miss the awful awful Texas heat.

I will miss exploring the US and the adventures of going to so many places that we’ve never been before, but we will be back, eventually, so there’s that 🙂

Tomorrow is the last night before we’ll be back in Houston.

Thanks for coming on this journey with the both of us.

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