somewhere in the middle of nowhere, at sea

Today was the second of five days at sea before we reach Iceland. Nothing really significant happened today, though at 5:30 am, apparently we passed over Titanic’s ruins, although I was asleep at that time, but seeing has there’s nothing but miles and miles and miles of ocean surrounding the ship, I guess it’s sad, but I can understand how hard it was for a ship to come to Titanic’s rescue.

I spent most of today in bed. The waves in the ocean are awful. They have been getting up to twelve feet high, and I can make out the crest and troughs of each wave [see I paid attention in sixth grade science], and the boat is bobbing up and down so badly that you can barely walk without falling. I was in the bathroom, at one point of the day, and we went over such a high wave that I got knocked into the shower. I was fine, I caught myself on the wall, but I’m just trying to give you an idea of how bad the waves are. They’re making me seasick and nauseous and I rarely get motion sickness. The only thing that has gotten me close to feeling this nauseous was riding the Cyclone on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY when I went there with my friend Marisa in like 2006.

But the motion isn’t as bad if I just lie on my back in bed. So I spent several hours in my bed playing Fire Emblem Awakening in bed and watching random shows on lifestyle TV and nature TV. The motion of the ship was just too bad for me to even consider walking on the treadmill or anything in the gym especially because you feel the waves more on higher floors, and the gym is on floor 9. I did spent a bit of time in the library with glitter gel pens coloring an Alice in Wonderland adult coloring book, on floor 10, but then my nausea got too bad, so I went downstairs and back to the stateroom.

Before the craziness of the waves, I woke up at around 9:30 and had some coffee, and showered, and then mom and I went to have brunch at the buffet. I didn’t eat as much today. I decided to read my kindle while I ate [tons of people have books/kindles at the buffet, so I didn’t feel out of place or anything] and I finished the second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, which is called “Hollow City,” and I like book 2 way better than I liked the first one, and I liked the first one a lot. I started book 3, but I’m maybe 25% of the way through it. I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. My reading has slowed down since I dragged my 3ds out of my backpack, and on the way to dinner today, I saw two adults, much older than me, who were playing their 3ds’, as well, so I’m not the only one, who seems to enjoy videogames on this cruise. Anyhow, for brunch I had a lemon Danish, a piece of pepper jack cheese, a piece of cheddar cheese, two links of sausage, and maybe two spoonfuls of eggs and two forkfuls of hash brown potatoes till I was full. We stayed at the buffet for awhile, not because we were hungry or anything, but because mom discovered the internet access is better at the buffet than in our stateroom. But that was okay with me, I just read.  They had set up the lunch buffet while we were sitting there, and it was pie day, they had like six different pies to choose from, pity I wasn’t hungry.

I saw some younger people today at the brunch, but they were much younger than me. Personally, I’m sort of digging the older crowd on this ship. I’m not really into partying or drinking or anything like that, so I’m enjoying all the peace and quiet I have to read and/or play gameboy, and I don’t really mind the lack of activities for passengers or the fact that there’s nobody my own age. I’m introverted, so a kindle and a gameboy is really all I need to make myself happy.  At brunch, we briefly sat at table with some older people, and one of the ladies said I reminded her a lot of her granddaughter Jessica with my love for reading and my quiet, and another lady said that I looked too young to be the daughter of my mom, which made me happy because I always worry I look older than I am, especially because teaching ages you, so it makes me happy to hear that I don’t look my age.

After brunch was my trip to the library where I attempted to color before seasickness took over. I walked past the swimming pool, and it’s like forty something degrees out and very windy. Like it’s so windy that sometimes when I walk outside, I’m surprised I don’t blow away, but there was actually a man swimming in the pool despite the cold and wind, and he looked quite happy. I bet the water probably feels really warm compared to the outside air.

After some coloring in the library, I went to the stateroom and literally stayed there till dinnertime.  The dining room was almost vacant. Our waiter, Martin, told me that when the sea is rough like it is today, a lot of people just stay in their staterooms and order room service. For dinner I had shrimp bisque, and then a salad. I was originally going to order fish, but I didn’t think I could stomach fish, so I changed my order. Apparently Martin and our junior waiter had a bet going on about if I was going to need more dressing for my salad, and I didn’t really, but unbeknownst to me that they had a bet, Martin told me to ask for more dressing because they needed to get watermelon for my mother anyways, so I did, and apparently that made Martin win the bet.  For desert I had some key lime pie and some tea with milk. Then we went back to the stateroom.

The captain warned us that the sea is going to be really rough tonight.  But after tonight, we change courses and start heading more towards Reykjavik, and it should be a smoother ride after today. I’m just hoping I fall asleep, so I don’t really notice the constant rocking. I fell asleep pretty quickly, last night, so I hope tonight is a repeat of that. We also set the clocks ahead another hour. I think we’re like three hours ahead of NJ time now? This would make me four hours ahead of Texas time. I think Iceland is a total of six hours ahead of NJ, which means there’s still three hours to go. We’re slowly and gradually adjusting the time, but man I am going to be so freaking confused when I fly back to NJ and so jet-lagged. I think I was jet-lagged for about a week after I got back from Israel, which was like 7 or 8 hours ahead of NJ.

There are three more sea days before we get to Iceland. Here’s hoping the seas are a lot tamer tomorrow, so I don’t need to spend the entire day lying flat in my bed like I did today.  It wasn’t a bad day today. I’d prefer a calmer sea, but overall, no complaints. We’ll see what tomorrow brings… And that concludes Day 5 of the cruise.

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