somewhere near the Labrador Basin, at sea

Did you know the deepest point of the ocean is 36,198 feet, and the ocean averages a depth of approximately 12,460 feet? All I’ve been staring at for the past 3 days is the vast nothingness of the Atlantic Ocean.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I stayed up a bit watching “The Danish Girl” on TV, which was actually a pretty good movie, though I really don’t like the TV choices on this boat. Every channel just shows the same TV shows or movies on an infinite loop, there’s no variety or choice or anything. The movie channels show two movies a day, and just go back and forth between the two movies, and the Lifestyle channels show the same shows and the same episodes several times a day, and this isn’t really the type of ship that’s action packed with activities to do since I think it caters to a much older crowd, so it can be pretty boring during late hours when there’s nothing to do but watch TV in your stateroom.

But anyways, I didn’t sleep well last night. I think it was just the roughness of the sea. The waves got to about twelve feet high yesterday as we passed through the North Atlantic Ocean, so the boat just rocked back and forth and up and down. Or it could be the time change. We set our clock ahead another hour yesterday, and I think my poor brain is just so confused that it doesn’t know when it should be falling asleep or staying awake…For example, in Houston, it’s 8:01 pm now, which means it’s 9:01 in New Jersey, and it’s 12:02 am on the ship. That’s a shit ton of time zones to have traveled through when I’ve only been away from Houston for about a week. Though it is sort of cool that even at 10 pm, it’s still light out, and sunset isn’t until like 10:30 pm, and it will just be later as we get closer to Iceland and the Arctic Circle. But alas, I think that sort of shit just fucks with my brain and circadian rhythm.

I eventually fell asleep at like four am. Not exactly the best time to submit to sleep, though it roughly measures up to 11 pm in Texas and midnight in New Jersey, so maybe it’s my brain just trying to deal with what my normal sleep/wake schedule is. Man I am so going to be so fucking confused when I get back to the United States, time zone wise.  And after finally falling asleep at 4 am, I woke up at like 10 am. I suppose that’s technically 6 hours of sleep, but man… it doesn’t seem like enough sleep.

After waking up, having some room service coffee, and showering, my mother went to the Sunday Brunch in the main dining room, I chose not to go. I just can’t do two dining room meals; it’s too much food for me. So I went to the buffet, and had a really light brunch consisting of iced tea, an eggplant sandwich with pesto and fresh mozzarella, some cheese, and some honeydew melon. After I finished eating, I relocated to the library, where I finished “Library of Souls”, which I did like, though I think the second book might still be my favorite.  The library was completely filled today, I got one of the last comfy chairs there… I guess there’s only so much to do on the ship, and reading in the library seems like an exciting option.

After that, I went back to the room and changed into workout clothes since I could function and walk in a straight line today since the waves had calmed down considerably. The gym was really crowded, and I had to wait awhile for a machine to actually be free. I did a few minutes on the Stairmaster and remembered how much I hate it, but luckily a treadmill had opened up by then.  So I did a workout on the treadmill and then did the weight machines and finished “Invincible” by Sherrilyn Kenyon as I worked out. Then I went back to the stateroom.

While I was on the treadmill, I was watching the news… And Texas has been getting really bad floods since I left. I hope that Justin and the kitties are okay, and that made me really homesick today, and I still feel homesick. I dislike being in the middle of the ocean with no way of communicating with my husband or my friends. I also hate not being able to check my email. I mean what if there are schools contacting me, who want to set up interviews? I think when I call Justin from Reykjavík, even though I’ll probably just leave a message due to the crazy time change between here and Texas, I’ll ask him to check my “professional” email for me and answer any schools, who have contacted me, if there are any.

I watched “The Intern”, which was one of the movies of the day, it was cute.  It was so cute that I watched it a second time, mainly for a lack of different things to watch. I played more Fire Emblem Awakening, and man am I glad that breeding galeforce into spawn is a really time consuming task, or else I’d probably have beaten that game already. I basically played 3ds until it was time to shower and get ready for dinner.

Tonight was the second of three formal nights on the cruise. I wore a boring black dress. I know some people really LOVE getting dressed up, and they wear some of the fanciest ball gown I have ever seen… but that’s SO not me. My mom often tells me I was a really girly girl when I was little, but then I pointed out that that was when she picked out all my clothes and I didn’t really have a choice in what to wear, but then once I got to middle school, all I wore was jeans and a tee-shirt, and my wardrobe hasn’t changed since.

Our tablemates weren’t at dinner again. They haven’t been there for like three dinners. But who knows why they never come. I don’t really mind. I enjoy quiet meals where I can just stare at the window at the deep blue ocean and be dazed.

Our usual junior waiter wasn’t there today. Our waiter told us that he got sick from the rocking in the boat. We missed him. For dinner I had sweet potato corn chowder, which was pretty tasty, gnocchi in fettuccini sauce, which was delicious, and then a scoop of chocolate marshmallow ice cream and a scoop of Jamaican Coffee Ice cream for dessert. My mother had lobster. I don’t really like lobster. My parents claim I’m weird because I don’t like lobster. I can’t eat food that still looks like the animal it came from… and I also have mega issues with veal.

Then we came back to the room and I… yep you guessed it, I played a lot more Fire Emblem Awakening, and watched the Princess equivalent  of animal planet and watched something on Hawaiian animals and a show on bad pets, which made me think of Ajani, my crazy orange bipolar cat, he would fit in perfectly on that show. Mom got a craving for pizza at like eleven pm, so she ordered a room service pizza, and they came, and I had like two slices of pizza, and that’s really it.

Again, it wasn’t a bad day, necessarily, albeit a boring one.  Two more days, at sea, and then we’ll finally be on Iceland, and I’ll finally be able to see land again because right now, it really seems like I’m floating in the middle of nowhere, and it’s a bit unsettling, I’m getting a MAJOR case of cabin fever… and you know… it’s not like you can just jump off a ship and go somewhere else… There are people on this ship, who will be on it for 112 days or something, traveling around the world, but I seriously think I would go insane, if I was stuck on a ship for that long without any connection to my friends or family or the real world… but I guess if I was older, like they are, maybe I’d feel differently? But man, I cannot wait till we get to land again…. 2 more sea days to go, I can do this.

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