somewhere near Greenland

Oh man I am so sick of sea days. They’re so boring. I have a serious case of cabin fever. One more sea day and then I can finally set foot on land again.

Anyhow, woke up at around 10:00ish, and I am happy to say that I slept well last night. I fell asleep rather easily and managed to stay asleep for several hours. Granted I had really strange dreams, but at least I slept nicely, right? There wasn’t any insomnia. Then we went to the breakfast buffet. Our junior waiter from dinner was working the breakfast buffet. I was really happy to see him.  I told him I had missed him at dinner, the night before, and that I hoped he was feeling better. He thanked me and said compliments like that are what makes his day, so I’m happy I made someone happy. He also brought me an extra large orange juice, as opposed to the tiny glasses; they usually serve at breakfast, which was sweet of him.  For breakfast I had an egg mcmuffin that tasted much better than a McDonald’s egg mcmuffin, cherry Danish, some coconut rice pudding which was actually really delicious, and some turkey sausage.

It was a rainy day at sea. The ocean was covered with thick fog and that fog didn’t lift at all throughout the day, and the decks were all wet.
After brunch, I went back to the stateroom and spent like four hours watching movies on TV. I watched the new Annie that came out this year. It wasn’t awful, but I wouldn’t call it good either. Then I watched The Lego Movie finally, and I really liked the Lego Movie a lot, it was a lot less stupid than it had looked in the previews when I had seen it in theaters. I think Justin would like it, I’m going to add it to our “to watch” list. Princess UniKitty was pretty awesome.

During the movie, mom had gone upstairs and brought back some food from the lunch buffet to the stateroom. She got me some cheddar cheese and deviled eggs, which were pretty good, and I picked at her mashed potatoes when she was done with the plate.

Around five or so, I went to the gym and did a relatively easy treadmill workout for about an hour and read some more of the Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon. The gym was pretty crowded when I got there, but as I started to workout, people left. I think they had to make the first dinner, which was at 5:30 pm. Mom and I eat at the second sitting which is 7:45.

After I worked out, I came back to the stateroom and watched “Loveboat” reruns on TV. The show is sort of growing on me; I think I may have to see if more episodes are on Hulu or something when I get back to Texas.  Then I showered and it was off to dinner.

Our tablemates were actually at dinner today. They told us that the past three days they had gone to the steakhouse, the Italian restaurant, and the dinner buffet. Mom was happy they were back, she likes having people to talk to. I prefer quiet and solitude.  Our junior waiter was working dinner, so I was happy to see him, and he gave me a huge hug when he saw me come to dinner. I think he enjoys how young I am and how polite I am since the majority of people in the dining room tend to be 55+ years old. It’s probably nice to see a younger and friendlier face?

For dinner I had a salad with ranch dressing, and for the meal I had scallops and shrimp in a tomato sauce with some garlic bread. It was good. Then I had a scoop of triple chocolate ice cream and a scoop of café mocha ice cream. It was a pretty good meal. I really like our waiter and our junior waiter, they’re both the nicest and friendliest people, and also very funny. They make me actually look forward to having dinner because I really enjoy their company.

Then it was back to the room. We had to put our clocks another hour forward, so my poor brain is more confused than ever. I think we’re like four hours ahead of New Jersey? Five hours ahead of Texas? I think that’s all the time changing we need to do for now, but I could be wrong. I hope we don’t change the clocks for awhile after this. I realize the ship is doing it gradually, which is probably better than a total switch to Iceland time, but man I am so confused time-zone wise.

We have one more at sea day till we finally reach Iceland, and once we reach Reykjavik, I don’t think there are as many sea days as there were en route to Reykjavík. I think the three Iceland ports are basically three days in a row, and then maybe there’s one sea day between the last port in Iceland and the next port after that.  I’ve been on this cruise for a week now… I think there are nine days left before I head back to the United States?

So really nothing of interest to report today. Sea days are just boring. They consist of watching TV, reading books on my kindle [I didn’t finish any books today though, I was too busy watching movies on the kid’s channel], playing my 3ds, and making myself go to the gym. One more sea day to go, then Iceland, and after that, hopefully these blog entries will be a lot more interesting?  And that as they say is that.

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