Back Home

We made it back to Pearland.

Today was the boring drive through Texas. I didn’t really take many pictures since most or Texas just looks the same…. Flat, sometimes hilly, and very green grass. We drove through these Podunk towns like Rising Star, Texas [835 people] and Crossplains, Texas [982 people], and we saw a lot of horses, cows, and even some goats as we drove on Highway 36.

We didn’t really come to civilization until we got to Temple, TX, where I was happy to see there was a Bucc-ees [Texas’ version of Wawa and Sheetz], and we got to use the bathroom and drink watermelon slushies. [And there was also another Bucc-ees in Waller, TX, so double the beaver fun]

We got back to Pearland around seven thirty pm. The kitties were very happy to see us.

All together we drove approximately 3200 miles.

We drove through 12 states [New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and Michigan] total.

We experienced all four seasons in one week from snow on the east to the humidity and heat of Texas and everything in between those extremes. We had a low of 4 degrees in Wisconsin and it was about 90 when we got back to Pearland.

It’s good to be home. The trip was a fun adventure, and I wish we could have a week off to recover from our spring break of driving because I don’t think either one of us are ready to go back to work tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us 🙂

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