Day Two

May 29th, 2017, somewhere near Oregon, USA, at Sea, Day One
First of all, I left my Garmin charger in Texas, which is odd because I thought I remembered detaching it from
my computer and packing it. However, this goes hand in hand with what happens
on every cruise I’ve ever been on. Last year, to Iceland, I left my fitbit
charger in New Jersey, then when I went to the Caribbean, a month later, I
jumped into the water with my fitbit still on and killed it… so something seems
to happen with my fitness trackers every time I go on a vacation.  My dad has a Garmin too, but apparently his
charger doesn’t work with my model, so I guess I’m shit out of luck for the
entirety of the trip.
Anyhow today was the first of two at sea days before we get to Alaska. Justin and I enjoyed sleeping late. We slept
till around 9:30 am or so, which is about 4.5 hours later than I normally get
up for school, so it was amazing. We had breakfast delivered to our room; it
was a light breakfast… Hot chocolate, coffee, and melon, for me, and a
breakfast sandwich for Justin. After we woke up, checked the balcony and saw
how in the middle of nowhere we were, we went up to the buffet to get a real
breakfast. I had some scrambled eggs, a strawberry Danish, some corned beef
hash, NJ style [which is the best corned beef hash style] and some sausage.
They were playing Aladdin at the outdoor pool, and we watched maybe ten minutes of the movie [from Prince Ali to
A Whole New World] under blankets on the deck. Justin was eating ice cream and
was freezing cold. I enjoyed the cold.
After breakfast we wandered to the library/game room. We bumped into my parents there, which was fortuitous since
they needed to talk to us anyways because we needed to change our excursions
for Ketchikan, Alaska. The original excursion we were going on changed the time
to like 7:20 am, and my mom thought that was too early, so she just changed the
excursion all together, so now, Justin, my dad, and I are going on a seaplane
across the Misty Fjords, and my mom is going to some deadliest crab catch
thing, which is based on some TV show I’ve never watched. I’ve never been in a
teeny tiny plane before, so it should be interesting.
Justin and I played two games of scrabble, we each won one, sort of, I conceded to him first because he got two
triple word scores and I was losing by over a hundred points, and then he
conceded to me during the second game after I got a 77 pt word.  I would say our scrabble skills are about
even with each other, but scrabble is like 80% territory control [stop the
other person from getting triple word and triple letters even if it’s by making
a crappy word] and 20% luck, depending on what letters you draw from the bag.
After scrabble, we went to the gym and did a quick workout… A quick warm-up and then we did a circuit of all the
weight machines. The gym wasn’t that crowded when we went and we managed to get
through all the machines without really having to wait. My dad said the gym was
more crowded when he went, later on in the day, and he had to adjust his
workout because of the amount of people in the gym.
After the gym, we spent maybe an hour or so swimming at the indoor pool. We soaked in a hot tub, we found the
one, where the jets actually worked, only it wasn’t as bubbly as hot tubs
usually go, but it still felt good, and we swam around in the regular pool. The
pools were basically empty except for some hyperactive little children, so that
was really nice.
After swimming, I had discovered with our drink plan, you can get milkshakes, and Justin got a chocolate
milkshake. Milkshakes are his favorite thing, so it made him very happy. He had
a milkshake and I had some hot chocolate and we both got a piece of pizza for a
late but light lunch, and we went back to our stateroom.
Justin took a nap for a few hours, and I played my Fire Emblem Game on my 3ds, and then we showered and got ready
for dinner.
For dinner, we went to the Crown Grill to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My parents knew the head waiter from a
previous cruise. I had a Shirley Temple with something like nine cherries on it
and it was amazing. For diner I had some scallops, a really delicious French
onion soup, and then shrimp as a meal. The shrimp came with this delicious
onion flavored rice. Justin had an amazing filet Mignon. I wish I liked steak
as much as he did, but I just don’t, but he said it was delicious. My mother
had veal, and my dad had Chilean sea bass.
Since it was my dad’s birthday, the waitstaff brought him a little chocolate mousse birthday cake with a candle,
and they all sang to him. I also had this chocolate soufflé with chocolate ice
cream and it was amazing. Justin had some 7 layer S’more dessert, which he said
was pretty good.
Dinner lasted awhile. We went down for dinner at 7:45 and didn’t finish til after 10:00. We were some of the last
people in the restaurant. Then mom and dad went down to their room and Justin
and I went to our room.
Tomorrow is the last sea day before we reach Alaska. Justin and I have a couples massage, but other than that, the
plan is just to relax.
            That was Day Two.

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