Day Three

May 30th, 2017, Vancouver, Canada, Day Two at Sea
Today was the last day at sea before we get to Alaska tomorrow.  Justin and I
slept till around 9:30 or so before we got out of bed. We had a light breakfast
delivered to the room, and just relaxed until we met my parents around noon for
lunch. The lunch line was really really long. It literally went from the dining
room to the casino and then wrapped around the passenger’s service counter.
Lunch lasted really long. I think it lasted longer than dinner. It was about
two hours before we finished our meal, and I think it was just mainly because
the dining room was so packed… usually it’s not so packed.  For lunch I had calamari, and a chef salad
with French dressing. I asked for Ranch dressing, but I don’t think they heard
me, but I like French dressing, so I didn’t really mind nor was it worth making
a big deal out of. I had some sort of blueberry flavored Swiss cake roll for
dessert, which was good. But Justin and I had to rush out of lunch because we
had our couples massage at 2.
Our massage was very relaxing. We were in the couple’s room and we had two people giving us the massage. There
was peaceful music playing, and they got a lot of the knots out of my back.
Justin enjoyed his massage too. We liked it so much that we signed up for a hot
stone massage, which is my favorite, early in the morning, on the day we sail
through Tracey Arm Fjord. I’m happy it’ll give us a reason to get up early in
the morning, so we don’t waste any of the day that we are sailing through the
inner passage.
By the time we got out of our massage, it was actually raining. It was nice out… well nice by my deranged
standards. It was cool out, but not too cold, and there really wasn’t much wind
either, just a nice light rain. Justin and I went downstairs to get hot
chocolate and then we sat in the outdoor hot tub and soaked and watched
whatever movie was playing. I think it was “Now I Can See You 2” because I
recognized the cast. I also jumped into the outdoor pool just so I could say I
did, and the water was surprisingly warm. We stayed at the hot tub for about an
hour and then went back to our stateroom.
Justin was tired, so he took a nap. I went to the gym. I saw my dad there. He was running on the treadmill, as
well. His workout was shorter than mine so he left before I did. I ran
intervals… 60 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking; repeat 8 times, it’s
the first week of Couch to 5 k… Maybe this is the time I’ll actually finish it.
I got pretty far last summer, I got to week 7, and then real life started.  I watched BFG on the TV as I ran…It’s a very
weird movie. I enjoyed the little bit I saw of it, but again, it was very
Then I went back to the room, woke Justin up, and we got ready for the first formal night. We stopped by my
parent’s room, they were still getting ready, but my mom won a Stanley teddy
bear and sapphire necklace for me from the art auction she had gone to earlier
in the day. I christened the bear “Stanley Squared.” While my parents continued
to get ready, Justin and I went down to the champagne fountain. Justin actually
did partake in the Champagne fountain and said it made him feel like a baller.
I watched and took a picture.
My parents met us for dinner. I had French Onion Soup and a Tomato and Spinach flan-like thing that I remembered
enjoying from the last cruise. Justin had fettuccine Alfredo and beef
tenderloins. He enjoyed them both. The dining room brought my dad out another
birthday cake since he had celebrated his birthday elsewhere yesterday. He
asked them to send the leftovers to our cabin, but instead they gave us a brand
new cake. For dessert, I had creme brulee, and Justin had vanilla ice cream
with caramel and chocolate sauce.  We finished dinner around 9:40 pm and it was still really bright out, the sun
hadn’t set yet, not that we saw the sun; it was cloudy and gray all day.
After dinner, Justin and I went to watch round one of The Voice At Sea auditions, which is the cruise’s version of
the TV show The Voice, which is sort of also like American Idol. Some of the
singers were really good.  There were no
real rock singers; there were a lot of older singers, who sang stuff like Frank
Sinatra and music I’ve never heard of. The female singers sung a lot of Whitney
Houston and some other oldies.  They were
all really good and way more talented than I will ever be. Justin and I enjoyed
the performances. We’ll probably go back for the second round of auditions
Tomorrow ends our days at sea and we will be in Alaska. In Ketchikan, Alaska, to be specific, so hopefully
tomorrow’s blog entry will be a lot more interesting than these past two have
            And so ends Day Three.



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