June 3rd and 4th, 2o16 At Sea, Inner Passage, Canada

On Saturday, we started our morning by sailing in the inner passage towards a
glacier. Originally, we were supposed to go to Tracy Arm Fjord, but the passage
was too icy, so the captain redirected us to Endicott Arm, which was less icy.
Justin and I woke up really early, so we could try to get a glimpse of the
glacier. We sailed in the Fjord from 6 am to 10 am. I figure we probably had
early hours because there are a lot of cruise ships going to Alaska, at this
time of year [Justin and I saw three different cruise ships, out at sea, from
our balcony, going towards Alaska as we were coming back from Alaska], so they
probably had to alternate what hours what ship get to travel the inner passage
since the inner passage is so narrow. I think it’s something like one mile
across, so really only one ship could fit through it, at a time.
The water was beautiful. It was the same jade turquoise color that we had seen the
night before. The passage was surrounded on both sides by mountains, and the
mountains had a lot of waterfalls. My dad told me that this time of year has a
lot more waterfalls then Alaska typically does during the summer because the
snow is melting from the mountains and that’s what forms the waterfalls and by
mid/end of summer, the snow is melted, so there aren’t as many waterfalls.
There were also huge chunks of ice in the water. The ice varied from white to
turquoise to a deep blue color, and the chunks varied in size from tiny [though
probably not as tiny as they seem from the ship] to absolutely huge.
The glacier was at the end of the passage. I mean I’ve never seen any other glacier
up close and personal, so I really have nothing to compare it to. It was a huge
snowy chunk of blue ice covered in dirty snow. It was definitely sort of
spectacular and cool to see, but it really just looked like a huge chunk of ice
to me. It was really big though, a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Also,
since we got to the glacier around like 8 in the morning, and were in the
inside passage so early, it wasn’t really crowded on deck because I guess a lot
of people wanted to sleep in. It was also really cold on deck, probably the
coldest it’s been on the cruise, but I enjoyed that.



















At eight, we had our massage. We had a hot stone massage, which is one of my favorite
massages. It was very relaxing. The massage lasted an hour and then we went to
the buffet for breakfast and had a quick breakfast. Then we came back to the
room and chilled for a bit, and then Justin was hungry, so we went back to the
buffet, saw my mother there, who told me my dad was sick with some sort of
stomach thing, and grabbed some snacks, and then we basically spent the entire
rest of the day in the cabin. I fell asleep for about four hours, so I guess I
was tired and all my nights of tossing and turning [thanks to a very soft
mattress and pillow] finally added up and I was just exhausted, and Justin
played on his switch. When I finally woke up around five or so, I just relaxed
and played more Fire Emblem.
The ocean was really rough yesterday. Even I could feel the ship bobbing up and
down on the waves, and I’m usually really good with motion and don’t get motion
sickness. The ocean was pretty rough, but it wasn’t as rough as it had been
when I went to Iceland, last year, and did a trans-Atlantic crossing. Though,
at night, it was rough enough that the empty hangers were banging against one
another and the bathroom door would slam closed if it wasn’t already closed,
but considering we’ve had pretty smooth sailing, one day of roughness really wasn’t
too bad.
Dinner was just Justin, my mom, and me since my dad was still sick in their cabin. I
actually don’t remember what I had for dinner. I do remember though that at the
end of the meal, our waiter gave me a plate of cookies to take upstairs because
he remembered that I really liked the chocolate chip cookies, which was awesome
of him. Our waiters, Herbert and Jasper have been super nice the entire cruise.
After dinner, Justin and I went back to our cabin. We had closed the balcony door
wrong and since it was a rough sea, the balcony kept on sliding and the wind
sounded louder than it should’ve been till we finally realized that we had
closed the balcony wrong. After we fixed that, we went to bed.
The next day we slept pretty late since it was an at sea day, and we had no place
to be. We woke up around 9:30, and had hot chocolate and coffee in the room,
and sort of just chilled and played our various video games till around noon
when we had agreed to meet my mom for lunch.
For lunch, since I’m like a two year old, at heart, I had chicken fingers and
mashed potatoes, NO REGRETS, it was delicious, and then for dessert I had
chocolate bread and butter pudding, which is delicious… It sort of tastes like
the inside of French toast, if that makes any sense.
The entire cruise, my mother has been telling me there’s a basketball and some
hidden hot tubs, and Justin and I finally decided to see if she was full of
shit or not. She was not. We found the 17th floor of the ship, and
sure enough there were two hot tubs there, and a mini basketball court.
We went back to the room for a bit, and chilled till we decided to work out. We
went up the gym, which wasn’t too crowded considering it was a sea day. I mean,
granted, the treadmills and bikes and what not were almost all being used, but
it was a weight day for us, and most of the weight machines were empty, and we
got through our weight workout pretty quickly, and we went back to the room,
changed into our swimsuits, and got some hot chocolate from the International
Café, and went to the hidden hot tub we had had discovered before.
There was a couple from California in the hot tub [though as we learned, one was more
of a cold tub, I’m not sure if it was meant to be a cold tub, or if it was just
broken, since Texas has these weird things called cold tubs, which I guess sort
of makes sense since Texas is so freaking hot]. We talked to them for awhile.
The wife had worked in education, so we compared California education to Texas
education [and California is way better than Texas was] and talked about
curriculum and special ed and things like that. They were nice. We also saw
some whale spouts while we were up there, since we had a great view of the
ocean from that hot tub since it was so high up, so that was pretty cool.
We stayed in the hot tub till around six and then came back to our cabin. I had a
message from my mom saying that she wasn’t going to go to dinner, so it would
just be Justin and me. So he and I showered, and then we went down to dinner.
It was the second and last formal night of the cruise. I had a fruit platter as
an appetizer with extra honeydew melon [my favorite], and the biggest shrimps
I’ve ever seen and mashed potatoes for dinner. For dessert, I just had crème
brulee since none of the special desserts really appealed to me. Dinner was
nice; it was very quiet and peaceful, and kind of cool to have a table to
After dinner, we changed out of our formal clothes and went down to karaoke. We
played Carcassonne on our iPads while we watched karaoke. There were some
notable singers. One was an older gentleman named Vick, who sang “My Way” by
Frank Sinatra like he lived it. Another was a couple, who had no shame, and
just had a good time singing and twerking to “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot
Lie.” There were two guys who sang “All I Want for Christmas is you.” Some of
the singers I recognized from the night when there were auditions for “The
Voice of the Ocean.” I actually have a not so secret desire to sing karaoke,
but I’ve never actually had the self-confidence to go through with it, even
though karaoke is more about just having fun, then actually having talent,
though a lot of the singers really do have talent, but the singers who aren’t
so talented do seem to have a blast up there. It’s funny though, I used to love
singing karaoke, my best friend from college, Bethany and I used to always go
to bars and get drunk and sing karaoke with no shame, at all, I’m not sure when
that confidence went away.
After karaoke, we listened to the end of the pianist’s performance at the Crooner
Bar. He was pretty awesome. He sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, and while he
didn’t live it like Vick, he was pretty good at it, and he sang this medley
consisting of “Memory” from Cats, “The Rainbow Connection” by The Muppets, “I
Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, “These Boots Were Made For Walking” by
Nancy Sinatra, and some other songs I don’t remember… I mean you’ve got to have
mad talent to just be handed requests and then just sing them and play them
like that. I mean sure, he got to look up the music notes on his iPad, but it
still takes tons of talents to be able to play songs and sing songs like that.
I was impressed and very much enjoyed the performance.
After the performance, we went back to our room, and that was really it for the
second day at sea. Tomorrow is our last port stop, in Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada. We’re going to the Butchart and Butterfly Gardens. Then after
that, it’s one more day at sea, and then our Alaskan vacation is over. It’s
been fun, I don’t really want to go back to reality, and start my summer job,
but I suppose it will be nice to see the cats again and sleep on my comfortable


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