Chapter 11: Just Keep Swimming [and Chapter 12, woot]

[this trip is January 2018! It happened already, this is just a repost from a Disney messageboard!]

Sorry for the delay! Justin and I went up to San Antonio for Pax South ;) and I didn’t bring my laptop or any other computer, just immersed myself in the nerdiness.

Moving on.

Our fast pass was for Nemo & Friends.

I don’t really have anything to say about the ride. I did try to take pictures on the ride, and they were pretty awful, but other than that, it was a very cute ride :) There was really no wait and no justification to use a Fast Pass for it, but there was nothing else worth replacing our FP with either, so we just went with it.

After riding Nemo, we decided to check out the aquarium.

So the following is just aquarium spam ;)

There’s a lionfish. All of my students know exactly what a lionfish is because I read them Mister Seahorse by Eric Carl, last year, and that was one of the vocabulary words we had from that book ;) and they haven’t forgotten it either, when we were doing letter L, a few weeks back, one of my favorite students shouted out “LION FISH BEGINS WITH LETTER L” and was very proud of himself for remembering it … Also Hi, Mr Seahorse! Manatees are also so adorable, I caught one in the middle of eating. And there were plenty of schools of fish.

[I think I found Nemo’s missing brothers and sisters, perhaps Marlon Jr is somewhere in there]

I told Justin that you can actually snorkel in the tank for an exorbitant amount of money that we’ll probably never have. He was still interested. He said perhaps one day.

When we finished looking at the aquarium, it was really pouring outside, a lot of people were trying to find shelter from the rain, but we didn’t really care much, we were already sort of wet from before, our coats were both waterproof, so we carried on and headed onwards to…

Chapter Twelve: One Little Spark….

It’s time for…

Our Journey Into Imagination.

I didn’t really know how to describe this ride to Justin. I told him it was very special and would probably make more sense under the influence of certain other substances… like perhaps.. well USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Needless to say, I LOVE ME SOME FIGMENT!

I vaguely remember the original ride, and I apparently liked it so much that my grandparents had bought me a stuffed Figment that I have to this very day.

I never rode the cursed second version and from what I understand, I really didn’t miss much, which means I rode the original version back in the day, but I really don’t remember it at all, so this was all new to me.

There was no line for Figment, at all, so we literally just walked through the queue and were on the ride in minutes

[Justin was greatly amused by that because he likes anything that sort of looks like math whether it’s real math or fake math like the math Jack used to try to figure out Christmas in Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact, Justin was so fascinated by that part, that he once made me pause the movie, so he could see if any of the math vaguely resembled calculus, which is what he teaches]

I wish it really smelled like vanilla cinnamon coffee… I think there needs to be coffee infusers…

[from far away it looked like a tuxedo?]

[I’d live there]


there’s a world of hearing, and a world of sight, there’s a world of smell, and a world of skunks, there’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s Figment’s World after all…

After Figment’s Ride, I totally made an awesome pink Figment at the interactive part at the end, but it never emailed to me even though I sent it to myself, so I AM BUMMED…. I had to resist buying every Figment themed thing there…..

It was still raining, but on the bright side, Starbucks had no line, so we went to Starbucks, I got an iced upside down soy caramel macchiato because I AM THAT BASIC, and YES I DRINK ICED DRINKS IN FORTY DEGREE WEATHER WHEN IT’S RAINING :cat: and of course my Epcot mug, and I was happy to be able to send that back to Pop because carrying mugs around all day is really annoying, and I always worry it’ll break if I set my bag down wrong on a ride or something…

Then we did a little shopping. I bought a mini Cheshire cat stuffed animal key chain sort of thing for my backpack, and my awesome Christmas ears:

which I probably could only wear about thirty minutes because the wind started picking up and literally blew them off my head because walking under Spaceship Earth is like walking through a wind tunnel… so into my bag they went for their own safety.

I also bought a snow-globe for the librarian at my school because she gets me and she’s really patient with my special needs students, and I really can’t say that same thing for most of the other staff, so I thought she deserved a present.

Then our FP time came for Spaceship Earth…

[to be continued… I don’t mean to do shorter entries, I’m just trying to fit photos in a chronological order within the twenty photo limit per post!]

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