January 4th, 2018: Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

[a throwback to a JZSquared trip from January 2018]

Chapter 31: Two parks, one day

On Thursday, we woke up relatively early. We had a VIP tour for Universal Studios for both parks in one day, and we had to be there pretty early, but there was the promise of breakfast and coffee, which somewhat motivated me. It was sort of bittersweet, however, as we walked over to Justin’s car, en route to Universal Studios, and we drove past all the Disney buses, knowing that I’d never see Disney again till my next trip, but on the more positive side OH MY GOD HARRY POTTER!!!!

I am the biggest Harry Potter fan-girl, probably not in the world, but I love Harry Potter so much. I read the first book when I was a Freshman in college at Kutztown [though it had come out like two to three years before that]. I came home for Thanksgiving break, and my dad handed me Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and told me to read it. I told him I didn’t want to read a stupid kids book. My dad promised me I’d like the book, and my dad and I read most of the same books [and we both have the speed-reading gene, let’s put it this way, I tend to read 200+ books a year, and I usually finish at least 1, sometimes 2, in a day. It was great when I was in college and had tons of books to read for class, but it also sucks… like when you’re waiting an entire year for a sequel to a series, and then you finish the book in one day, and you’re just like… well <insert bad word here> now I have to wait another <insert another bad word here> day to read the next book]. So I begrudgingly agreed to read Harry Potter. Well I loved it, I read the next two books on the rest of break, and then the first weekend back at college, I bought the fourth book. [and later enacted revenge on my father for making me obsess over a series by introducing him to Percy Jackson].

I went to all the midnight premieres of all the movies with my friend Craig. I’m a slytherin on Pottermore. [Though I think I’m more of a slytherclaw, depending on what’s going on in my life, at the time]. I even participated in online Harry Potter sorting communities, where random people sorted you based on an application you filled out, and you either got squibbed [not me of course] or sorted into a house. I was sorted into Ravenclaw on that. And they even had their own common rooms and Hogsmeade weekends. I even Role-played Mad-Eye Moody on twitter for the longest time [I think I still have the twitter name, but I don’t remember my password]. So Harry Potter was an obsession for me, I even dabbled in writing fanfiction for it for awhile.

Anyhow when we planned our Disney trip, I knew it might be one of my only chances to visit Harry Potter Land. I also knew we only had one day to visit both parts [Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley], I also knew it was going to be CRAZY crowded [and an all CAPS crazy doesn’t even begin to do the crowds justice, it was bad!] So that’s why I decided to book us a Universal Studios VIP Tour. I was already with my wand and my Gryffindor scarf… My parents went to Universal last April, and I told them I wanted a Slytherin scarf [I had a Ravenclaw one to that, prior that Craig got me] and they got me a wand, but they GOT ME A GRYFFINDOR SCARF, even though I had texted them Slytherin. My dad says that the Gryffindor scarf was probably in the wrong area because he looked for a Slytherin scarf and the sign said Slytherin, I don’t believe him, but whatever, back in my early HP days, I wanted nothing more than to be a Gryffindor because Harry Potter was a Gryffindor [though Luna Lovegood was a Ravenclaw and she’s my favorite!], so I still graciously accepted my scarlet and gold scarf.

So we drove to Universal, the VIP tour came with free valet parking,which was nice, so we let them park our car, and we headed towards Universal.

It was the first sunny day we had really seen the entire week we had been in Florida. It was still pretty cold, probably the mid 40s, high 30s in the morning, but THERE WAS SUN!

[Universal like Disney still had their Christmas decorations up, and while they had some cool decorations- Hogsmeade was decorated for the holidays and Dr. Suessville was decorated for the holidays, Disney definitely does Christmas better]

The first thing we did, was go to the VIP Tour building, sign in, show ID, and get our VIP lanyards:

. The tours start at different times and they were running a little bit behind, so we had maybe 20 or so minutes to kill before our tour started. The VIP Tours come with Universal Express Pass, which is like FP, but not as cool as FP, nor does it work as well as FP, but it’s well-meaning, at least. In the morning, when the park wasn’t really crowded, it was pretty useful, but it really just cuts waits in half…. So like a 60 minute wait would be a 30 minute, but by the afternoon, some rides had over 200 minutes wait, and the Universal Express wouldn’t have really been that helpful- every ride would’ve been like waiting for Na’Vi River Journey, but in the morning, it was useful.

We decided to ride Transformers, since it was right there, and barely waited more than 10 minutes for it with our EP.

It was okay? It was a 4D ride. In fact, probably 80% of Universal’s Rides are some sort of 4D ride, and after awhile, when you ride them all in a row, they sort of seem the same and aren’t as excited as other rides, but since this was our first 4D ride of the day, it was pretty cool.

After the ride, it was time for our group to eat breakfast. The VIP Tours come with a free breakfast, a day meal plan [so you don’t pay for any food while you’re on the tour] that comes with a quick-service meal and a snack, the EP, and you get to walk on every single ride and not wait in a single line all day, so totally worth it, especially if you’re coming on an insanely crowded time like during Christmas vacation.

We also got their version of a “Happy Anniversary” pin:

We had about twelve people in our group. There was Justin and Me, a family of 3, a woman and her two daughters, and a family of four. Justin and I were the odd twosome. Our group leader was a woman named Katie. She was super nice.

The first ride we rode as a tour group was ET:

We went in through the exit ramp [as we did with all rides] and walked right on the ride. The ride has technology where they program your name into a card [like the one Justin is holding] and as you leave the ride, ET shouts out “Goodbye Justin” [or whoever]. I didn’t really hear ET calling out our names, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, I was too busy trying to take pictures on the moving ride.

ET was actually the only ride I remembered from going to Universal when I was like 11.

[ET land looks like a fun place to live]

The ET movie always used to give me nightmares when I was little. There’s that one part when ET gets sick and turns white, and when I was little it always used to scare me.

After ET we walked right onto The Simpsons Ride:

The queue for the Simpsons Ride, at least what we saw of it, was definitely on par with Disney queues.

As 4D rides go, I think The Simpsons was probably one of the best done ones and probably one of our favorites. It was a 4d ride of basically an amusement park trip gone wrong, and all the special effects we really good, and it really did feel like you were riding an actual ride.

After Simpsons, we toured the Men in Black facility. There’s this one area of the queue, that looks like MIB Immigration headquarters and even has the alien secretaries. We got to walk around there, and selfie with the aliens, and even got to sign our name was visiting species:

[I signed the wrong date at the bottom :/ but 2018 was still a new concept to me at the time]

[You can see my magic wand]

As rides go, MIB was similar to a faster and quicker Buzz Lightyear. I didn’t bring my camera on it for those reasons, but I enjoyed it, and I kicked Justin’s bottom when it came to scores in MIB, which makes up for him always beating me in BL and TSMM. Justin was quite salty about it too.

After MIB, it was finally time for Diagon Alley…

The question is… did it live up to my expectations?

Chapter 32: Unleash the Dragon’

The first thing we did when we got to Diagon Alley was pass by the Knight Bus

I really wanted to talk to the shrunken head and ask it what Hogwarts house it used to belong to before it became a shrunken head, and tell Stan that he really needed to work on his occlumency skills because the Death Eaters were just using him, but I didn’t really have any time to chat with him.

Then we went to visit Kreacher:

Then it was finally time to enter Diagon Alley.

So sure, we did enter Diagon Alley and I felt like I was at Woodstock. There were people everywhere. There were so many people that we could barely move. It was like the worst kind of mosh pit. Like that time I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert at the Electric Factory and they packed us so closely together that I almost got choked by a guy, who was well over six feet tall and totally rocking out to Sin. Needless to say, after that occurrence, I did my first and only crowd surfing experience, and it was to escape the massive chaos known as the mosh pit.
DIAGON ALLEY WAS A HUMONGOUS MOSH PIT [minus the awesome rock music]

I could barely see anything, I could barely move.

Now, going to Universal Studios/Disney during Christmas break, I mean I knew it would be crowded, but I couldn’t anticipate the size of the crowd we saw at Diagon Alley. At Disney you could actually move around, at Diagon Alley, you were stuck.

At least I got some pictures:

We didn’t get to explore Diagon Alley, at all, it was too crowded.

To say I was disappointed, at the time, was quite the understatement.

There were huge lines out the door of every single shop. There were so many people that you could barely get around. I’m slightly claustrophobic and I was on the verge of having a panic attack because there were so many people there.

Our tour guide let is straight to Gringotts, and it was like walking through a jungle, having to bushwhack your way through plants and trees, only the plants and trees were tourists.

The line for Escape from Gringotts was over 300 minutes. You could see Black Panther, and still have time to spare while waiting in that line.

Luckily since we were on a VIP Tour, we didn’t have to wait in line, I don’t even think I would have the patience to wait in a 300 minute long line, I don’t think my gameboy 3ds battery would last throughout the line since I’d be playing constantly.

The ride was pretty cool. It was basically a steel roller coaster, a dark ride, and a 4d ride combined in one. You felt the heat from the fire, droplets of water, as the effects of spells wore off as you went further down into the vaults.

Would I wait 300+ minutes for it?


Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome ride. I’m just not a patient person. And look at it mathematically… 300 minutes for this ride, 300 minutes for the Hogwarts ride, 200ish minutes for the Hogwarts Express equals approximately 800 minutes, that’s like 13 hours. The park is open from approximately 9am to 9pm during the winter months. That’s about twelve hours. So you couldn’t even ride more than 2 rides if you came at the peak of popularity such as during Christmas time. That’s just not worth it to me.

Diagon Alley was a cool place, and I really wish we actually had a chance to check it out, and to experience it. But we just didn’t. The themeing in the area was amazing, I really felt like I was in Harry Potter land, however I didn’t get to experience Harry Potter land. I wanted butterbeer, I wanted Earl Gray and Lavender ice cream, I wanted to adopt a pygmy puff. I didn’t get to do any of those things because of how crowded it was.

Oh well, at least I was “making” butterbeer at Starbucks before it was cool:
Line the cup with caramel drizzle
Ask for the creme frapachino base
3 pumps of caramel syrup
3 pumps of toffee nut syrup
Whipped Creme
More Caramel Drizzle

[That combination tastes way better than the smoked butterscotch frap they sometimes offer]

In retrospective, I don’t know if I would say I was completely disappointed. I wasn’t. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to travel to Florida during Christmas Break. Knowing what I was getting into is why we decided to pay the extra for the VIP tour. We wanted to at least ride all the rides and do as much as the park as we could without getting frustrated and angry because of how crowded it was going to be. I’m glad I at least got to see Diagon Alley and ride their flagship ride. Maybe one day we’ll actually be able to visit when everyone else in the world isn’t visiting at the same time and then we’ll really get to experience it.

Anyhow after our quick trip through Diagon Alley, it was off to ride more rides, rides not of the Harry Potter nature.

Chapter 33: The Secret Squirrel

After a somewhat disappointing, but still sort of exciting journey through Diagon Alley, it was time for more rides.

First was a re-ride on Transformers, and it wasn’t any better the second time.

Then it was time to sign up to be a Minion.

[I love this wall ornament]

I thought the queue to Minions was really adorable and really well-done. There was a lot to see and a lot of little details.

The ride itself wasn’t really memorable to me. It was just another 4d ride. It felt like all the other 4d rides we had gone on. I think that’s my main problem with Universal Studios, all the rides are basically the same, they’re all 4d simulators just themed around different movies. I mean there are exceptions, but 80% of the rides are just as I described.

I did almost buy myself a Fluffy unicorn though, but then Justin reminded me I’d have to carry it around the park, so ixnay on the fluffy unicorn.

Next was Revenge of the Mummy.

We actually both really liked this ride, it was different. I think I can describe it as Space Mountain, but a little bit faster, and more special effects, there was fire and steam and things like that. The only downside of the ride was that it was short, we both would’ve really liked it to be longer, but if you like Space Mountain, I’d definitely recommend this ride to you ;)

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit wasn’t working that day. Katie told us it was because of the temperature. It was really cold. Roller coasters can have issues when it’s too cold out. Steel roller coasters [like the rip ride rockit] may run slower because cold weather increases friction in the wheels. Cold weather can cause the track to shrink which could lead to operating issues. Cold weather can cause brakes to malfunction, which would be really bad on a roller coaster. And technology can fail when it’s cold. Therefore it was closed for safety issues. Hulk was also closed for a good majority of our time there for the same reasons, but it did open later in the day, for a very short time, before the sun went down and it was cold again, but Rip Ride Rockit did not open.

Justin and I both wanted to ride it… I mean riding a roller coaster while rocking out to Evanescence or No Doubt sounds pretty awesome. Though who knows if I would’ve been able to even fit on the ride… I’m not that fluffy, but two certain parts of my body, make it really hard to fit into certain rides with over shoulder harnesses [which was causing me major panic attacks about Journey Through Hogwarts for months prior to this trip] and I’ve heard that ride isn’t exactly friendly to that specific body issue. So in retrospective, maybe it wasn’t a bad thing it was closed because if I couldn’t fit on it, it would’ve been very ~insert bad word here~

However I will give Universal this, I do appreciate that they do have test seats outside all of the rides there. It’s a lot better to realize you can’t fit on a ride [or can fit] or may need a modified seat or something before waiting in line for hours [or in our case, getting straight to the ride] and it saves you lots of embarrassment if you are worried about something [or two certain parts of your body that make you life miserable]

Moving on.

Next we went on Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon, and for some reason I literally took no pictures of this ride.

Not a bad ride, but still a 4d ride.

The one thing I really didn’t like about Universal, was I felt really rushed and stressed putting on the restraints. It’s not easy to get a lot of the restraints on, and when the workers there are pressuring you to get your restraints on as quickly as possible, it’s extremely stressful and it made me panic. They literally give you no time to restrain yourself on certain rides. I get they want to push people through the rides as quickly as possible, especially since Universal gets so crowded, BUT I DON’T WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE, and being forced to put things on quicker than I was able to, really put a damper on my enjoyment of some of the rides.

Next was lunch:

Katie told us a story that when Universal put its first ever Christmas tree up, there was a squirrel living in the tree. For the next three years or so, the squirrel kept on coming back to make a home in its tree, then one year the squirrel didn’t come back, but to commemorate the OG squirrel, they put this animatronic squirrel in their tree every year.

We wound up at the Classic Monster’s Cafe. We didn’t have to eat there, we could’ve eaten anywhere in the park, but considering every place had an awful line and we only had an hour for lunch, we wound up here. I really wanted to go to Leaky Cauldron, but yeah, that was NEVER happening.

I had a cheeseburger and fries. They were just a cheeseburger and fries. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. Just a typical cheeseburger and fries, and since we were given a meal plan with our VIP tour, we didn’t have to pay for this either.

After lunch, it was time to go to a place I had been thinking about since we had gotten to Universal:


Time to board the Hogwarts Express:

Coming up: Would I get to ride Journey Into Hogwarts… Or would I get the red light?

Chapter 34: Hoggy Warty Hogwarts


Justin and I got into our train car for our ride to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. I won’t say much else about this ride because I know people dislike spoilers. But I will say it was a very cool way to travel from park to park. The window is a movie screen, and as you move, the landscape changes, and different events happen, they really try to make it like you’re riding to Hogwarts and that was pretty awesome.

Finally we arrived at Hogsmeade:

We both very much enjoyed our trip on the Hogwarts Express.


It was finally time to see Hogwarts.

I wish I could say Hogsmeade/Hogwarts was less crowded than Diagon Alley, but alas it wasn’t.

Even the line for the little witches and wizards’ rooms were super super long and probably had about a thirty minute wait.

So instead, enjoy the pictures I took of Hogsmeade/Hogwarts.

I actually got to use my magic wand here while I was waiting for people to get out of the little witches and wizards’ rooms. [sorry the VIP tour doesn’t give you quick access to the bathrooms, you gotta wait like everyone else!] I got to aim my wand and the leaves of the plant in the window changed color and turned green. But this was the ONLY spell I got to cast with my magic wand. Even the spell areas had huge waits, but at least I got to cast one ;) I actually managed to do it, Justin tried, with my wand and failed, but that’s because the wand only obeys the wizard it chooses!

[one day I’ll get my butter beer]

After taking in all the sights, and they were absolutely AMAZING sights, the amount of detail they put into this area of the park is insane and breath-taking, it was time to ride the two rides in this section, each of which had about a 200-300 minute wait.

The first ride we rode was the Flight of the Hippogriff. It wasn’t really that exciting. It was like a mini-tiny roller coaster, probably best meant for really little kiddos [think barnstormer at Disney World, just the Harry Potter version]. The cars were tiny and some of the adults actually had to have a car to themselves just because the cars were so tiny and narrow. The scenery was cool- Hagrid’s hut and Buckbeak was adorable, but the ride probably isn’t worth the wait. I think most people would just be disappointed that they waited for over two hours for a slow and short roller-coaster, but to each their own. I would say if there isn’t much of a wait, it’s probably worth the ride, but the 200 minutes of your time other-wise, is probably best spent on other rides within the Harry Potter worlds of Universal, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Next was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.


The first thing I did was try the test seat out in front of the ride. The light turned green, I’m happy to say. I would’ve even been okay if it turned yellow, but if it turned red, I would’ve been horribly embarrassed and extremely disappointed especially seeing as part of the reason we got the VIP tour was to ride all things Harry Potter. And out of all the rides, this was the ride I was most nervous about.

Since we were on the VIP tour, we didn’t have to wait 300 something minutes for the ride. We didn’t really get to explore the queue either, which I would’ve liked to see, but wasn’t willing to wait 300 minutes to see, hopefully next time we come back, we can just look at the queue, I’ve heard that there’s a way to just walk above the queue and explore it [I think I read it in a book] or the wait won’t be so horrendous.

So we went into the exit and to the ride. The ride has a moving conveyor belt system, similar to Haunted Mansion, or a ride like that, but while you’re on the conveyor belt and loading yourself on the bench, it moves really quickly and you need to put on your harness quickly. The haste caused me great anxiety, and I actually didn’t get my harness on the right way, and I had to have a cast member help me put it on, which sort of caused me great embarrassment. I was able to adjust the harness with no problems [and I was in a regular seat, not a modified seat], but was still anxious as the ride started.

I prefer Disney to Universal, I feel you have plenty of time to adjust yourself on rides before the ride starts, and I feel like at Universal, at least for me, it’s more stressful riding a ride than anything because you’re so rushed once you actually get on the ride, and like I said, I understand it, Universal, especially Harry Potter Land gets TONS of people and they want to rush through the people as quickly as they can so the lines move faster and everyone gets on the ride, but that doesn’t make it less stressful to me, personally.

The ride was really cool, the effects were pretty awesome, and it might’ve been one of my favorite rides. It combines a lot of things- projections [Universal loves their 3d/4d rides], animatronics, and special effects like water and heat in cool ways. The ride doesn’t go upside down or anything, we were flat on our backs for a part of it and it twists and turns, but there’s no upside down or anything or big drops [though there are some drops, but nothing crazy] or anything like that.

It was an awesome ride, and I’m glad I got to ride it, since I’m not sure I’d be willing to wait 300+ minutes for it. [Patience is not my virtue]

Chapter 35: The Last Chapter

I’m kind of sad. This is actually the last chapter of my trip report I get to write. It also took me about four months to actually finish this trip report because the real world is no fun.

Anyhow, after we left Hogsmeade, we cut through Seuss Landing to get to our next rides:

We didn’t ride any rides throughout Seuss Landing, but I thought after Harry Potter World, it was one of the best themed areas in the entire park.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster had opened since the temperature had risen. So it was off to our first and only roller coaster of the Universal trip.

Security is pretty insane for the Hulk Coaster. They scan you with a metal detector, and you’re not allowed to wear anything with metal on the ride.

Here are some fun facts about the Hulk Coaster:

  • The launch takes you from zero to 40 mph in two seconds flat.
  • Hulk was featured in the 1999 film House on Haunted Hill. In the film, it took on the name Terror Incognita.
  • The track length of the Hulk Coaster track is 3,700ft and the ride time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
  • When it opened, the launch of the Hulk uses so much power, the City of Orlando wouldn’t allow Universal to use their power, so Universal has onsite turbines that generate energy to propel the hulk coasters every 20 seconds.
  • Hulk underwent an 11 month makeover, reopening in August 2016 with an all new track, lighting package, on-board audio, and more.

The ride was insane. I don’t even know to describe it, but it was good insane. You basically go from not moving to feeling like you’re being shot out of a gun or a cannon or something. It has loops, it has corkscrews, it’s freaking fast.

Justin actually said it was his favorite roller coaster and ride of the entire trip. And he’s really not a roller coaster enthusiast. I’ve ridden a lot of roller coasters, and I would say it was probably one of my favorite coaster too, though it had been a really long time since I had actually ridden a real roller coaster. I had no issue fitting into the restraints for Hulk. It wasn’t a very comfortable ride because over shoulder harnesses aren’t the best for people when certain parts of theirs are well above average [though I felt a little better after I went to my oncologist this week, and was complaining about them and she said that it was probably due to my hysterectomy because when you remove parts of your body- not by choice but for cancer- your hormones go whack and strange things can happen to your body like certain things increasing by four sizes] but I still fit in the seats. I do believe we needed to go into the specially-modified seats [again because of two certain parts of my body that make my life a word I can’t say on a family friendly website], but nobody made a big issue of it [I think it helped that we were on a VIP Tour and our guide made sure to tell us what row we should be in before the actual ride].

After Hulk, our guide took us to the newest ride that Universal had to offer: Skull Island: Reign of Kong

[see that 150 minute wait time, this is why a VIP tour was awesome]

I don’t have much to say about Reign of Kong except I felt like it wasn’t worth the wait if we would’ve had to really wait for it. It’s a typical 4D ride with special effects, but nothing amazing.

Our VIP tour ended after Kong, and we were on our own. We were on a search for my Slytherin scarf, so we went back to Hogsmeade:

It was still extremely crowded and hard to walk through, so we asked where else we could buy Harry Potter memorabilia and were told that there was a store called the Universal Studio Store that sold all the same stuff, so we went on a journey to find that and got pretty lost.

[there’s the Hulk]

We eventually did find the store and I was finally able to get all Slytherin-ed up, for half the wait it would’ve been in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade:

Then it was time to leave, the park was closing pretty soon, so we left the park, and we still had a snack credit on our meal plan card, so we decided to spend it on pretzel bites at a stand on the Universal City Walk.

We got back to our car and went straight to Wawa because this Jersey girl [who’s stuck living in Texas, thanks to her husband] needed a Wawa Fix:

Words cannot describe how incredible it was to drink Wawa coffee and eat a Wawa Sandwich and stock up on different Wawa drinks.

Then it was back to Pop Century to admire my Starbucks mug collection before we went to our last sleep at Disney.

Anyhow in conclusion, we enjoyed our day at Universal Studios/Island Adventure. The VIP tour was amazing. We got free food and we didn’t have to wait in any lines, which was amazing considering it was probably one of the most crowded weeks in the year.

As “pooh-sized” people [though my size is more due to certain aspects of my chest and over the shoulder harnesses, not my actual weight], we were able to ride everything we wanted to at Universal, which is notoriously not friendly towards bigger sized people. I will say that its important to try the test seats if you’re unsure about fitting in a ride, it may seem embarrassing, but it’s a lot less embarrassing than getting to a ride and trying to fit in a seat when you can’t. And if you do need a modified seat, you’re the the only one, and just tell the ride attendant as you’re boarding the ride. I didn’t witness any ride attendants embarrassing anyone or anything like I’ve read stories about. They were very discrete about such things. But again, it is important to try the test seats out before rides, they’re there for a reason. And even if you do need a modified seat, it’s not worth beating yourself up over, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you, no two bodies are the same, and ride engineers simply don’t have the capabilities for designing a ride seat that works for every single body type just because everybody is different. Don’t let a modified seat ruin your good time.

The next day, we started our drive back to Texas, stopping again at Wawa because I NEEDED IT. We spent a night somewhere in Louisiana, and made it back to Texas by Saturday, and then school started again Monday, for both of us [we’re both teachers].

Our trip was AMAZING, I am so glad we went, and can’t wait to go back for a next time, though I don’t really know when next time will be since life is happening [we’re trying to find a gestational carrier for our one embryo that we managed to freeze before my hysterectomy for uterine cancer, and that whole process is expensive, so I’m not sure when the next time we’ll have trip money is since we’re basically taking a second mortgage out on our house to have a kid- thanks cancer], but I can’t wait to see all the new stuff that will be at Disney and even Universal when we go next time :)

Anyhow thanks for reading and thanks for comments, and here’s hoping there’s another pre-trip in the somewhat distant future ;)

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