Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy

Do I have an icon for no stars? Though, in reality, I’ll give this book one star, only because the author actually bothered to get a story published, which is already leagues ahead of me in terms of my future writing career. If I believed in not-finishing-a-book, I probably would’ve never even finished this book, but I’ve never been able to do that because my guilty conscious for spending money on a book would eat me alive.

So.. one star for Camp So&So


I read this book and my mind completely exploded.

Now, I don’t mean my mind exploded in a good sort of way, where I read a book, and it’s so good that I spend thousands of seconds analyzing every little thing that happened in the book, more like mind-blown as in WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ?

Like I don’t even know what I just read. I think it was a story? But I’m not really sure if it was a story? It was like some badly written attempt at a novel from a college freshman, who basically failed every single English course in high school.

I’m so sorry, Mary McCoy, I mean, you tried to write a book, and you even got the aforementioned book published… but what did I just read? Like I feel like this book made my kindle dirty, in not in a perverted way, as in I need to desperately clean it with bleach and wash every single trace of this book away because it’s corrupted and infested my kindle.

This book is about a sleep-away camp. I normally devour books about sleep-away camp. I love every single book that has to do with sleep-away camps or just camping in general… The sleep-away part due to envy about having a horrible time in sleep-away camp when my parents forced me to go at the age of 14 [and girls are mean] and wishing more than ever that my sleep-away camp experience had been more like Disney’s OG Bug Juice, so I live vicariously through GOOD camp books. [For example The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland is a GREAT one]

This book… uh….. just no.

Like I said, this book is about a sleep-away camp. 25 girls are randomly sent letters to attend a sleep-away camp, and without a rhyme or reason, their parents all allow them to attend the aforementioned sleep-away camp without researching it in the slightest bit. The 25 girls are split into 5 different cabins, and from there the book goes awry? I’m not sure what happened after that. I’m not sure what happened in the entire book. This book was NOT for me. Not only were the narrators extremely unreliable and not in a good unreliable way, more like in a WTF am I reading sort of way, there were many different unreliable narrators, and there all the unreliable narrators were telling different unreliable stories throughout the novel.  The actions and events in this book made no freaking sense, at all. And I just legit do not know what the hell I just read. I feel like I made my brain cells rot by reading this book.

It might just be me. I know this book has all sorts of favorable reviews on amazon and goodreads and all that jazz. But this book left a bad taste in my mouth, and I try really hard to find the positive in all the different books I’ve read, and I JUST CANNOT WITH THIS BOOK…  I mean, I suppose the premise was interesting, though badly done? But maybe one of the 3 people who read my website and book reviews might like it.

I guess the best I can say… is it’s like A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets sleep-away camp meets a murder mystery? There’s magic and mischief and people taking advantage of stupid humans? This book was just weird, and NOT GOOD WEIRD either. There are also FAR TOO MANY characters to relate to, and you don’t even learn most of the character’s names throughout the story. The characters aren’t even well fleshed out.

I won’t say anymore because if any one tries to read this… I don’t want to spoil you.

Also I’m done. I just can’t even talk about this.

There aren’t really any trigger warnings… I mean a little bit of mystical violence… but that’s it and nothing too gory or scary or anything.

Read at your own, risk, that is all I am saying.



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