Six years of JZ Squared

It was our sixth wedding anniversary last week. Considering we live in a COVID-filled world, there wasn’t much that we could do to celebrate our anniversary. So… why not return to our favorite cabins in Oklahoma and try a new one out?

Time to return to the River’s Edge Cottages. Justin and I have been so busy with graduate school and teaching that we just wanted to escape reality for a while. I wanted to forget about the mean, median, standard deviation, variance, validation, and reliability for a few days, and Justin wanted to escape the advanced linear algebra. We just wanted to sit in front of the fire and pretty much do nothing. We did bring out laptops. I used mine to obsess over a B I got on a paper, and Justin didn’t check his computer at all.

About two weeks before our trip, they emailed me and asked me if we’d like to check in a day earlier for half the price. It sounded like a good deal to me; the only catch was that we’d be leaving Friday instead of Saturday. We can’t take off the Friday before a school break, so we ended up leaving our house around four-thirty pm or so, and we didn’t get there until close to midnight. But at least that gave us an entire day more to fully enjoy the cabin since we wouldn’t be driving on Saturday. I amused myself on the drive-by posting music survey questions on my Instagram stories. Thanks to anyone who chose to participate in them.. However, I cannot believe most of you think that the better Styx is Sail Away and NOT Mr. Roboto.

This time we stayed in the Mountain Chalet. It was our third cabin.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from the inside of the cabin, for the most part. We got there super late and were exhausted by the time we got there. The cabin’s interior was covered in our stuff, and the bed was a mess since we had crashed in it the night before. But it was beautiful on the inside too. If I’m rating the cabins in order, I think it would be the third out of three. My favorite was Bear Cabin, which we stayed in November, MAINLY because there was a hot tub on the porch, and there is nothing better than sitting in a hot tub and staring at stars late at night or sitting in hot water during the early morning chill. My second favorite was Mountain Escape because I like the brown wood decor better, and the shower was a bit better. There was NOTHING wrong with this cabin. White wood isn’t my aesthetic of choice. I enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace and reading, though, to be honest, I failed on the reading front. I only read four books the entire time we were there.

They were:

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson. It’s about a girl who does her senior project trying to solve a local murder that happened a few years back because she thinks the accused killer was innocent. It was enjoyable. I’d probably give it 3.5 stars. I already bought the second; I’ll eventually get to it.

Girl A by Abigail Dean. It’s a psychological thriller about a family of children whose father sort of started his cult, and they got abused through it. The book follows Girl A, the oldest of the children, and focused on how she copes with the psychological trauma she went through and tries to face what happened to her. It wasn’t too bad. I’d give it three stars.

What I Carry by Jennifer Longo is a story about a girl who’s been a foster child her whole life. She’s about to turn 18, and she just wanted to turn 18 and leave the system and gain independence. She then meets people and develops meaningful relationships with them, and questions her future choices—another three-star book.

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare, and I don’t care if you make fun of me. Her original shadow-hunters series may not be the best in the world, but I honestly think her books have gotten better as she’s written more and fleshed out more of the world. This is the second book in her newer series. It’s about the generation after Will and Tessa, if you’re familiar with the series at all. This series is my guilty pleasure.

But yeah, I only got through four books, mainly because I played a shit ton of Bravely Default 2. That switch game is my new obsession.

But I did enjoy reading and playing games in front of the fireplace. We pretty much kept the fire lit 24/7 while we were there.

Honestly, all I did was read and play video-games. Justin enjoyed the jacuzzi tub and bath bombs. The first night Justin made us a delicious dinner of steak and potatoes au gratin.

I also watched the sunset.

On the second day, which was our anniversary, it was raining.

The rain did not stop me from getting an anniversary selfie.

It also didn’t stop me from wandering and exploring and playing with the raw mode on my camera.

But other than that, the second day was pretty much the same. Lots of Bravely Default, baths, and fire. The rain made for an absolutely beautiful sunset, however.

We had another delicious dinner of steak, with mashed potatoes this time. And our night was pretty much video-games and fire.

Monday was pretty much the same thing. Lots of video games, lots of fire, and relaxing.

It wasn’t the most action-filled trip we took, but we didn’t really need any action. We’re both so busy and stressed in our everyday life thanks to teaching, COVID, and graduate school that we just wanted a weekend to basically do nothing except being with each other to commemorate six years of marriage. And that’s exactly what we got.

The most excitement happened on the day we drove back to Texas when Justin’s tire pretty much flattened itself in the middle of nowhere on a highway in Oklahoma. We think we must’ve driven over a sharp rock or something.

Justin tried to inflate the tire but it just wasn’t working. Luckily, his tire flattened in front of a dump. Some very nice people in Oklahoma helped Justin put the spare on. We managed to get to a tire place in Broken Bend, OK and we were literally in and out with a new tire in probably less than twenty minutes. We got home on Tuesday night.

That was our trip. It was just what we needed. We’ve already decided to go back in November during Thanksgiving break, and we’re trying out yet another cabin. This one is pretty pimped out, it has a game room, and I think it can sleep like up to 8 people though most likely, there will only be 3 of us.

Unfortunately, it’s back to school Monday for us both. But at least we have something to look forward to in the future.

4 thoughts on “Six years of JZ Squared”

  1. That sounds pretty awesome, I’d like to check out those cabins some time! Amparo’s spring break isn’t until next week, but we’ll probably just be here in Texas helping my parents out after my Dad’s shoulder surgery. I miss camping though, can’t wait until the next time we get to go.

    1. You’re more than welcome to join us for November lol. I think we can sleep like 8 people in the cabin. We’ll be there from Wednesday before Thanksgiving to Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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